Friday, October 19, 2007

أول إجتماع لهواة الجيوكاشنج في الإمارات

تم اليوم تجمع لمزاولي رياضة الجيوكاشنج في جبل حفيت قرب العين .. هذا هو أول تجمع لمحبي هذه اللعبة في المنطقة. هنا الصفحة الخاصة بهذا الحدث. كنت أنوي الحضور لكن بسبب التوقيت والذي يوافق عشية أول أيام الدراسة لم أستطع الحضور.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two Kingdoms Connected

Yesterday I went to Bahrain to collect my Aramex shipment containing some travel bugs, nanos and other geocaching accessories that I ordered earlier from Groundspeak. On the way, I decided it was about time to hide a cross-boarder cache on the causeway itself. It would be a special multicache with one part on the Saudi soil and the other part on the Bahrain side.

Being in Ramdan and around noon time, there was little traffic as I drove past the Bahraini customs. After paying the insurance I made a stop on the south eastern side of the artificial island. I stashed the tiny magnetic nano and marked its coordinates. This will be the final stage of this multi cache.

On the way back and after clearing Saudi customs, I turned to the tower building on the south western side of the island. I found a nice green area off the parking lot and decided to look for a hiding place. There it was; a line of trees with some picnic tables beneath. I wrote down the coordinates for the nano on a small piece of paper and rolled it into a tiny silver capsule. Fortunately this cylinder comes with a ring so I tied a string to it and tied the other end to a tree trunk. I made sure the string is not too long so it will not fall and expose the capsule and is not too short so that it can be handled with ease. This is the first part of this multi cache.

Although the two stages are only one kilometer apart, they’re in two separate countries. This tiny cache signifies the small world we live in spite of the apparent distances that keep us apart.