Monday, July 28, 2008

First cache in the Moors

The North Yorkshire Moors is a vast expanse of moorland characterized by low growing vegetation and uncultivated hills. I have seen pictures of the Moors but to actually walk through it on a beautiful sunny afternoon like I did today with my daughter was very special.

Two caches brought us from Whitby down south on our way to Pickering. We took a short detour from A169 to Goathland and walked from there for about 3km. The smell in the air was fresh and the scenery was very different from the dusty and hot weather that I left back in Dammam.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First cache in the UK

I’ve been in the UK for few days now and finding my first geocache is long overdue. In fact I turned on my Colorado 300 the minute I checked in our hotel next to Hydepark but unfortunately it was not showing any direction. Later I realized I had to calibrate the compass after the many lat./long. it traveled.

The cache was close to the Diana Memorial fountain so that was a good detour to take. My three sons get the credit for finding our first cache in the UK and it was fun feeding the squirrels and pigeons afterwards.