Monday, August 07, 2006

Ok .. I must admit, I don’t like writing. I’m kind of .. lazy. Yeepp, I’m already feeling tired. But I still like to talk about this hobby of mine called geocaching. It is the sport where You are the search engine.

So far, I found 60 caches and hidden 24. Each cache has a story of its own. To talk about these stories and a little more, I created this blog. I will start with the most recent caches and work my way backward in time.


I have heard and read about the cannibals or Solou cave near the little village of Barrah but never knew where it lies till I came across a post in Mekshat. It gave the coordinates of the cave and so I planned the trip with my partner and cousin Hamad. The story is interesting and and will work great for a Hollywood horror movie .. something like the Texas Chain saw massacre. It is spelled out in my cache listing.

As part of our normal routine, I checked out the general area and entered the coordinates in my new GPS unit that I bought recently. Thanks to google earth, I can now study the cache area and plan my route before jumping into my car. Since it was summer time, we head for our target in the afternoon after passing by Azizyyah store on Takhassisi road to stock on food, basically two salads and lots of cold beverages.

The cave is about 1hour drive from Riyadh heading north west. Driving was mainly on paved road except for the last 8km or so. The cave lies in the Aried mountain which stands out of the flat plains between Barrah/Raghabah on the east and Marat on the west. After some off road driving, we parked our car and walked for about 15minutes to reach the cave. It is hidden from the view and so I stashed my cache and left just in time before the cannibals return. :)

Naturally, we were not in the mood to eat but since meat was not on the menu, we decided to have our salads anyway. We finished our trip by enjoying the sunset over the red dunes to the west .. the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful .. the night was clear and calm, we spent the next 3 hours on the wadi floor, gazing at the stars and listening to the filtered voice of Fairouz and her music.

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