Friday, January 05, 2007

Edge of the world; Un update.

Last time I visited the place (October, 2006), I stashed a cache there but I forgot about at least two other caches that were hidden nearby. One of them is only few hundred meters from the one I hid. So I decided to go back again and visit the place with my cousin Hamad. Unlike our previous trips, this time we left early morning at around 8:00 a.m. We went up north on salboukh road and passed by Jubaila and Oyaynah before stopping at the eastern side of Mosaygra mountain. This place was chosen by historian Alsha’ye as the site of the battle field where the army of Khaled Bin AlWaleed defeated their enemies some 14 centuries ago.

Site of ancient battlefield

We continued through acacia valley and arrived at the escarpment edge but stopped 2km short of edge of the world. We climbed up and walked for about 1.2km to bag "U Cairn do it". We came back and drove to the edge to bag the old cache at edge of the world. We then retreated south east to the park ranger station and went on a westerly direction till we reached the famous Ohaysee opening. It was actually more than an opening since the highland gradually descends and suddenly we found ourselves on the valley floor on the west side heading to Dhruma. We returned back few kilometers to look for the military stash cache but could not find any traceable route so gave up on that one. On our way following the East-West pipeline to the tarmac road we stopped for our lunch; liver cooked to perfection followed by tea. We then continued to Marat and arrived just in time before sunset to replace the cache there which was reported to be missing. We finished our trip and returned to Riyadh by 7:15 p.m.

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