Thursday, August 14, 2008

UK geocaching mega event

Geocaching events are part of the world of geocaching .. you could actually log a find or rather attend by going to one of those. The first event in the gulf was held in the UAE last year in October and one or two followed since then. A more recent one is scheduled end of this month in Doha, Qatar.

Being in the UK, I could not afford to miss the opportunity to attend the first UK mega event held on Aug.2nd at Harrogate, not so far from Scarborough - the small town I was staying in-. I’ve talked to Flydad earlier to see if we could team up and go to the event. That talk turned to reality as he, his son CJ and I drove together to the site. When we arrived at the hotel and headed to sign the log we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the lady keeping the log recognized flydad as the owner of one of the caches she found in Iceland. We spent the rest of the afternoon bagging nearby caches which were easy to find and probably didn’t need a GPS as you simply follow the crowds. I think I was the only cacher from the Gulf, if not from the middle-east.

We have cached together a day earlier at Robin Hood’s bay and visited my children at their boarding school in Ampleforth. We then went on to the Yorkshire gliding club at Sutton Bank where flydad took off in one of the glider planes while we watched him soar like a bird.