Monday, October 23, 2006

Bahrain caches

There is little geocaching activity on the island of Bahrain. It is a short drive from where I live in Dammam so I decided to give it a try. This time I was not accompanied by my cousin Hamad; instead I had the help of my own kids and what a help .. three caches were struck in one day.

The girls with their mother decided to go for shopping while the boys decided to go with me. We stopped at Costa coffee before heading to the center of the island. We started with Oil#1 well. The drive southward was a nice one on a cool December day. The cache was found in no time by my kids and we were the first to find it.

The cache is hidden near the first oil well in Bahrain. The rock formations remind me of the area around Dhahran in Saudi. In fact, the resemblance of the geology structure (salt dome) hinted to early explorers that they look further to the west, to Saudi territory. They struck gold there when they drilled through the famous Dammam#7 in Dhahran and the rest is history.

After that, we headed to the second cache which was very close by. The area nearby was full of campers. My younger son found the cache in no time. It was buried in the sand .. not a very good hiding place. I don’t expect this cache to last for a long time.
We then continued to the Tree of life. We stopped at the famous tree which was actually less than my expectation despite the publicity about it. The cache itself was hidden on a hill few hundred meters from the tree. We climbed to the top (easy climb) and did a thorough search ... we almost gave up but then it occurred to me that the cache could be on the flank and so went down a little and indeed there it was.

We returned that day to our hotel happy, knowing that we bagged three caches in one shot and hoping that we can do it again.

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