Monday, October 09, 2006

The Chameleon

Not far from camel trail4 is this cache. It has one of the best views I’ve seen along the Tuwaiq escarpment. What makes this place a special one is the superb view you get for Faisal pinnacle. This is a landmark feature separated from the main mountain range. I have been to this place many years ago without a GPS but now it’s even more interesting with a cache hidden here. The drive is straightforward along the top of the mountain and is about 20km from the exit of Makkah highway just before the descent (Giddiyyah). We were rewarded with one of the best vista points overlooking a panoramic view of the pinnacle and the landscape below. The pictures to the left and below are just a sample of what to expect.

Another special thing about this cache is the way it’s hidden. This got to be one of those puzzles where you keep looking for the treasure and it is right below your feet. The cache is not only hidden between rocks but it is also a rock adding another dimension of difficulty to finding this treasure. The difficulty rating was 4* and we were lucky to find the cache in no time.


Anonymous said...

interesting blog...another geocacher :)

tliuska said...

Great articles and nice caches you've set up. Keep up the good work!