Saturday, October 07, 2006

Camel trail #4:

I remember walking through this trail few years ago with my cousin. We came here using Ionis Thompson’s book which did not include any GPS info at the time. The directions were clear enough for me and my partner to reach the exact trail and walk through it to the top. He was carrying a video camera and made a nice home video of it. The trail was only visible at some places. Near the top it was horizontal and easy to walk. In fact there is even a large flat space as you approach the top of the trail, probably some resting place for the caravans after a long climb.

We cooked our dinner at the base of the trail not far from the famous landmark named by Thompson as Faisal pinnacle. Two years later we came back to the top part of the trail to claim the first part of the cache. I then retreated to my home in Dammam. Few months later, I visited the place after securing the coordinates of the final leg and climbed the trail again. The cache was hidden near a cliff and so got us wondering where it was but my cousin finally got it. Actually his picture reaching out for the prize is the one on the cover page of the Today’s Cacher and is shown above.

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